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The Hoya Way to Organizing All Your Syllabi

Welcome to Syllabus Week! If you're anything like me freshman fall then you've been juggling several syllabi opened in different windows and praying to God you're not forgetting about an assignment due that day.

Well, luckily for your thanks to the spreadsheet guardian angels we have created the perfect template for helping you get organized so you are never caught off guard again. It takes a bit of time to set up but I promise that your life will never be the same again after you've done this.

Isn't she pretty :)

STEP 1: Copy the Template

We already did all the groundwork for you. Just click on this Google link and make a copy of this spreadsheet (File>Make a copy)

STEP 2: Customize the drop down menus with your own classes

Click any cell in the "Class" column then select "Data" in the tool bar and click "Data Validation". You should see a screen like this pop up:

First make sure that your cell range says B2:B200. This ensures that your changes will be applied to every cell in this column. We've inputed some example class names here but list your own courses separated by commas.

You can customize the assignment type drop down menu (Column C) by selecting any cell in that column and doing the same thing.

STEP 3: Add some color bc it's pretty :D

To color coordinate your class labels with your notebooks, binders, GCal, etc. select a cell in the "Class" column and click Format > Conditional Formatting. This will bring up a list of conditional format rules on the right hand side. We've added a few rules already just to give you an example of what you can do. Simply double click on any of these rules and replace the class labels with your own. You can customize the fill color of the cell here too.

STEP 4: Here comes the hard part — adding in your assignments

Since you've already got all those syllabi open, it's time to put those assignments into one place. Make sure that you're adding assignments with the date that they're due and not the date that they were assigned. Trust us, it's a BITCH if you have to go back and rearrange everything :')

To add due dates: use the format MM/DD/YY

To add borders to separate between days: select the row you want to add the border to and click the button that looks like a foursquare (it's to the right of the color fill button). Now click the top border button.

STEP 5: Take a deep breath and enjoy your master syllabus.

We've found that having all of your assignments, quizzes, and exams compiled in one place helps alleviate stress that comes with not knowing exactly how much work you have. With this sheet, you can plan ahead and manage your work without stressing that you'll accidentally miss turning in an assignment. Yo' welcome :)

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