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The Hoya Way to Finals Week

"It's the mosttttt wonderf-" yeah scratch that. Whether or not we're ready for it, the Georgetown Fall 2020 Finals "Week" is coming up! Here's a short guide to set yourself up for success:

STEP 1: Write it out so you can see it

If you're a loyal THW fan you've already got this information in your handy master syllabus but if not, don't worry. We've made this straight forward finals week schedule template for you. Click here to download the file. Feel free to print this out or fill it in on your tablet/iPad if you have one.

Writing out when your exams are helps to mentally prepare yourself for what's to come and also helps you budget your studying time.

STEP 2: Use those d*mn office hours.

Establishing a relationship with professors and mentors takes time, but it's never too late to leave a great final impression on your professors as you're entering the last few weeks of school. Make sure to leave no stone unturned and ask any burning questions you've had this semester. Consider this the sign you've been waiting for to finally attend those office hours you've been dreading!

STEP 3: Start a study group session

Hopefully, you've had a chance to make a few friends from group chats and group projects in classes. If not, this is the perfect chance! Reach out to a few folks in your classes and start study group sessions where you go through the course material with one another over zoom. Group study sessions (which sometimes may end up being pure silence for 75% of the call) is a great way to hold yourself accountable while studying at home, to make new friends, and to get help from your peers.

STEP 4: Give yourself a break

Studying for exam after exam can feel isolating and especially tiring during our online studies. For many of us, our desks are just two or three steps away from our beds and it can be easy to fall into a habit of staying indoors and forgetting there's an entire world outside. Remember to break up your studying with walks, calls with friends, and relaxing time with family members and pets. Some people find it useful to work in intervals. For example, you can set a timer to work for 50 minutes with no distractions (put away your phone, work at your desk, etc.) then take a 10-minute break before starting the next 50 minutes of work.

Remember, it's important to take care of your mental and physical health and to realize that in the grand scheme of things, your health is far more important than getting good grades.

STEP 5: Have confidence and kick ass

You've got this! All of that hard work is going to wrap up very soon! After that... "It's the mosttttt wonderful time of the year...."

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